English menu in Coruña

English menu in Coruña

We have English menu in Coruña

This restaurant in La Coruna, Nova Lua Chea, offers customers an extensive menu prepared with excellent and modern dishes handmade, for traditional and home is what prevails in this restaurant. In addition, we are of the few restaurants with English menu in Coruña.

You can come visit us at our restaurant, located in the Promenade Building Noon, 4, As Lagoas (A Coruña), or you can savor our dishes at home, because it can take care food and take it whenever you want.

Restaurant with English menu in Coruña

If you want more information on this magnificent restaurant with English menu in Coruña or want to come visit and want to make a reservation, please contact us by calling 981 222 898 or send us an email via our contact form. We will answer as soon as possible.